North York Toronto Health Partners Primary Care Association


Q: Do I have to join the Primary Care Association?

A: Joining the Association is completely voluntary and a great opportunity for primary care clinicians in our community to come together as a group to help shape an integrated health care system.

Q: Is there a cost to joining the Primary Care Association?

A: No! There is no cost to joining the Association.

Q: What is the risk to joining a Primary Care Association?

A: There is no risk to signing on to a Physician Association.  Withdrawal from the Association can occur at any time with 30 days notice.

Q: How will my voice as a community physician be heard?

A: Members of the Primary Care Association will elect members to the Primary Care Advisory Council to represent the broader community.

Q: Will membership in the Association affect my remuneration or enrolment model?

A: No – the OHT does not have jurisdiction over physician compensation, patient enrolment models or rosters.

Q: What has the NYTHP OHT accomplished in the first year?

A: While the pandemic has interrupted plans for some organizations, COVID-19 has propelled the OHT forward in responding to our community.

  • -          One number access lines for community support services and mental health
  • -          Opening of a second RAAM clinic
  • -          Regular meetings of core group members to address community needs throughout the pandemic
  • -          Flu shot clinic organization
  • -          Regular information webinars to care providers and community members
  • -          Regular emails to NYTHP primary care with key updates
  • -          Relationship building between agencies
  • -          Covid Assessment Centre staffed by Primary Care Providers
  • -          Mobile COVID testing to LTCHs, shelters and congregate settings
  • -          Pop-up Covid swabbing clinic in one of our local communities

About the association

If you have any question about the Association, please contact Primary Care Working Group Co-Chairs:



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