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Primary care providers have tremendous insight into the challenges facing our system and, therefore, have unique perspectives on how to address them. With Primary Care at the core of the NYTHP OHT, we have the opportunity to work with partner organizations already invested in this work as a team of health care providers, in an effort to co-design and deliver seamless care for our patients.

COVID Assessment Centre/Mobile Team

The Branson Covid Assessment Centre launched in March, 2020 has been staffed by Primary Care Providers since opening and serves as a convenient and accessible testing centre for residents and health care workers in our community.

Primary Care providers also staff the Virtual Follow up clinic, calling all patients who test positive for COVID-19 to provide results, a clinical check in and public health guidance.

Additionally, the Mobile Assessment Centre (MAC) team (staffed by Primary Care Providers, ER physicians and pediatricians) provides COVID-19 testing in our community, including LTCHs, RHs, shelters and other congregate settings.

If you are interested in learning more about working in any of the above settings, please contact Rebecca Stoller:

Vaccine Team 

Flu shots

Flu shot season brought another challenge, COVID-19 public health restrictions, with many primary care offices unable to provide mass vaccinations as they have typically done annually. In response to these changes, the NYFHT in partnership with NYTHP set up a series of drive through clinics to support the community.  To reach those in the community unable to access these clinics, mobile teams travelled to various congregate settings in the North York region to provide flu vaccination to these communities.

COVID-19 Vaccination

With the goal of vaccinating all LTCH and RH residents, staff and essential caregivers, Primary Care clinicians as part of #Teamvaccine stepped up to vaccinate 3600 individuals in the North York community.  As plans evolve for phase 2 and 3 of the vaccine rollout, we will look to our Primary Care community to support this critical operation.  If you would like to support the COVID-19 community vaccination program, please email (or

NY Care 

North York CARES is a program that enables patients to live well in their homes. The aim of the program is to transition patients to their homes or keep them in their own homes with an appropriate suite of services to address their unique care needs. This model brings together hospital and community services (who make up North York Toronto Health Partners, NYTHP) to provide all home and community care needs for any given patient.

A key aspect of the model is the team-based service delivery model: What we call a “one-team” approach. The North York CARES team will consist of care coordination and service delivery members drawn from across the NYTHP partnership, including the hospital, primary care, SPO, CSS and other partners such as the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

Each patient and family will be assigned a “key worker,” their single point of contact for their care (this key worker may be any member of the North York CARES team, and will be dependent on current patient-provider relationships, capacity, and the patient’s primary needs). Led by a key worker, the one-team model provides an integrated care delivery model that responsively adjusts to the patient’s evolving needs. The inter-organizational one-team is prepared to accept an outcomes-based funding model and deliver care differently than the regular visit-based model.

The North York CARES team will be supported by a holistic menu of services via a network that we have built across NYTHP – including traditional home and community care resources, but also behavioural supports, other community services, caregiver supports, respite and a caregiver budget for qualifying caregivers (contributed in-kind from the Alzheimer Society of Toronto).

For more information, please contact Ivy Wong at, or 416-756-6721.

    Primary Care Working Group 

    PCWG had four areas of focus

    1. Virtual care in primary care
      • Held webinars to support PCPs in optimizing virtual care tools, especially during the transition to virtual care
    2. Access to specialists
    3. Access to allied Health
    4. Optimizing digital solutions (OLIS, Connecting GTA)

    Through NYTHP, Primary care helped to coordinate PPE distribution to those with low supply in wave one.

    The PCWG spent many sessions working on models of governance together.

     Virtual Family Health Team

    NYTHP’s primary care working group established a Virtual Family Health Team to support patients in North York who were unable to connect to their family doctors to be linked in real-time via virtual visit to a North York family doctor or allied health professional through a simple weblink.

    About the association

    If you have any question about the Association, please contact Primary Care Working Group Co-Chairs:



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