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Member benefits

NYTHP Primary Care Association Membership is as diverse as Primary Care and includes Family Physicians, GPs, Nurse Practitioners, nurses, allied health professionals, health educators,  preventive medicine specialists, academicians, policymakers, interested citizens and students.

10 Great Reasons to Be a Member

1. Connection: Connect with colleagues from various sectors across North York as we work together to develop an integrated health care system. Learn about our OHT partners, the services we offer and how we can best work together.

2. Annual Educational Conference: The annual Conference provides quality education and networking for Primary Care professionals.  You can contribute to the content, help plan the Conference or attend to enhance your professional development.

3. Public Policy / Advocacy: Engage in advocacy initiatives to ensure the voice of Primary Care is heard.  Primary care clinicians have an integral understanding of patient care and system needs and can help drive changes in the way we deliver care.

4. Information dissemination: Stay up to date with via the NYTHP PCA website and regular emails to learn about new programs, work opportunities (including vaccination rollout).  

5. Networking: Connect with Primary Care colleagues in our region through the sharing of ideas, best practices and the development of solutions to enhance your practice.  Learn about career opportunities and meet new colleagues in the community.

6. Affiliation: You will have affiliation with YOUR professional association and over 400 Primary Care professionals in our region.

7. Educational Offerings: Receive up-to-date information about Primary Care relevant  CME events as well as regular emails and newsletter highlighting information relevant to Primary Care.

8. Leadership Opportunities: Engage in opportunities develop leadership and meeting management.  Opportunities are available on the Primary Care Advisory Council, various committees and special projects.

9. Recognition: You can be recognized or can recognize your colleagues for their achievements in Primary Care.  Some of our heroes work right next to us every day!

10. Empowerment: You are part of a larger community.  The Primary Care Association provides an opportunity to act on issues and concerns that impact your professional practice and as we move toward a more integrate care model, resulting in better patient care and experience as well a better experience for providers.

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